April is Stress Awareness Month and so it’s only fitting that we post a good article on stress reduction while traveling! 

Sometimes the stress of travel makes us wonder if the vacation is worth it. Wonder no more! Travel anxiety is an all too common condition that plagues even the best of travelers. In my many years of traveling the globe, I have experienced every kind of stressor on the road and have slowly developed tools that have helped me prepare and overcome the stress points related to travel.

Often, the inevitable stressors that are a normal part of traveling often overshadow the actual trip itself. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Find a comfortable routine. Plan ahead as much as you can. That way, when the inevitable hiccups happen, you are at least somewhat prepared. Here are some of my key tips that will make your next vacation go as smoothly as possible and alleviate the stress and anxiety before your next trip!

Make lists. Take a few moments to think about what the stress points were in your past trips and do what you can to alleviate them this time around. Create a master packing list for each type of trip (think winter vs. summer trip) a few days ahead of time. This also includes lists of arrangements you need to make at home before you leave town, such as child or pet care, turning off air conditioning, etc. Don’t forget to pack your essential. This Smart Packing Check List will help you with this for just a fraction of the cost. Click here to purchase for just $9 (Value of $1,000+). 

Sign up for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. This is especially great for frequent travelers. For an affordable fee and sharing a bit of personal information with the feds, you will save time and the stress of taking out all of your liquids, laptops and the like, and taking off shoes each time you go through airport security. Often, the pre-check lines are short or even nonexistent. It came very handy for me when I traveled to Orlando. Families with kids will know why ? Here is a link to more information. I have recently applied for the Global Entry Card that already includes the TSA PreCheck and my card arrived 4 business days after my interview day! It was fast and very efficient. The interview took less than 10 mins!

Enjoy your downtime. It’s easy to get anxious and worry about that tight connecting flight, delays, and worrying about whether you checked baggage will be there at your final destination. Make a point to learn to just chill out and enjoy some music, your favorite podcast, or whatever you do to relax, before and during your flight. If you feel the telltale signs of anxiety creep up, take a deep breath and focus on just being in the moment. Everything else can wait until you’re settled in at your destination. 

Dress for comfort. The days of dressing up for a flight are long gone. Especially in today’s world where increased security is the norm, dressing in comfortable clothing adds to a relaxed mindset. Wear comfortable shoes (ladies, ditch those heels!) and wear clothes you wouldn’t mind wearing all day and even taking a snooze in on the plane. If you’re dressing for travel where the climates differ, dress in layers.

From my experiences, I have acquired many tips and tricks that I am incredibly excited to share with you. As a result, I have developed a 2021 Essential Travel Wellness Toolkit, packed full of good stuff for a fraction of the price! (Just $9 with value of over $1,000) 

In this handy toolkit, there are valuable insights on:

  • How best to prepare before your trip begins
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It’s all about being totally prepared for your trip, whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car, so that when you start your journey, you can relax, knowing that every detail is taken care of. 

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