How you look and feel before, during, and after travel is key!


It’s time to make your next move so you can achieve holistic TRAVEL WELLNESS & CAREER goals with your unshakable mindset, building your skillset on all fronts and create the life you’ve been waiting for while looking amazing along the way. 


DISCOVER SURE-FIRE TACTICS TO LOOK AND FEEL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WHEN TRAVELING! This book is for Anyone who’s tired of looking and feeling like a hot mess during their travel. If your travel always gets you looking and feeling tired and you’d like to feel fresh and appear more polished, this book is for YOU. Some people don’t take enough time to plan their trip, nor do they care how they look while they travel; they just pack their bags and go.

But here’s the truth – what you do before, during, and after your travel plays an important role in determining your physical appearance and how fulfilling the trip will be. If you look good, you feel good, which boosts your confidence, makes you more productive, and brings you closer to achieving your goals.

 Grab the book to:

  • Learn the 10 dimensions of travel wellness (and how to use to evaluate your current level of wellness) (page 11)
  • Discover mistakes you’re probably making during travel (and how to avoid them) (page 20)
  • Find out things to do before, during, and after travel (to look your best, improve your overall wellbeing, and get the most out of your trip) (pages 35, 46, 63)
  • Price: Just $10


    IT’S TIME TO ELEVATE THE WAY YOU TRAVEL! Get the only travel wellness assessment designed to show you what you do right and wrong when you travel. And as always, empower you to enhance your travel experience, protect your health, and master how to travel the right way. It’s the first step to transforming the way you travel so that you can have it all Beauty, Confidence, Productivity, and Success in all aspects of your life and especially when you travel!

     What to expect:

    • 30+ minutes of in-depth video training walking you through travel wellness, what it is, why it’s important, and how to determine your travel wellness score.
    • The 10 Dimensions of Travel Wellness Assessment so you can get crystal clear on where you need to improve your travel routine.
    • FREE BONUSES and many more!
    • Price: It is only $19 with all the bonuses and more


      IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO LOOKING AND FEELING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WHEN YOU TRAVEL! Get this unique travel course to kickstart your journey to glowing skin, slim body, an amazing looks every time you travel. Because every trip takes a toll on your body and as a result you look 10 years older and 10 pounds heavier, right? BUT, you want to look and feel amazing before, during, and after travel. You want to make people wonder how you do it! So, what do you need to do to look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter? Let us show you how.

       Here’s what you can expect:

      • 300+ minutes (5 hours) of in-depth video training walking you through the before, during, and after travel do’s and don’ts
      • 8 assignments to complete so that you can get deeper into the work and create a path to your own health and wellness before, during, and after travel
      • Evaluate your Travel Wellness in all 10 Dimensions, if you have not done it in the Assessment course
      • Develop the unshakable emotional wellness during travel
      • Create your own health and wellness routine for the before, the during, and the after travel
      • FREE BONUSES and many more!
      • Price: Oh my! It’s as little as $299 for all these content! 

        Go with a glow PRO

        An extraordinary life is not created by accidents. It’s the product of specific principles that produce the results you want in your business, career, relationship, finances, health, life, and travel experience. THE TIME TO INVEST IN TRAVEL WELLNESS IS NOW! GO WITH A GLOW is the ultimate guide to having it all: BEAUTY, CONFIDENCE, PRODUCTIVITY, SUCCESS in all aspects of your life; at home and especially during travel.

         Here’s what is included:

        • 59 videos, 640+ minutes (11+ hours) of in-depth video training walking you through the before, during, and after travel do’s and don’ts
        • 2 consultation calls 60 min each 
        • 10 modules – check out the details by clicking on the link below
        • 10 assignments to complete so that you can get deeper into the work and create a path to your own health and wellness before, during, and after travel
        • Smart Packing Checklist so that you are ready no matter where you are traveling to
        • Guide to Contamination Zones so that you know how to avoid contaminations the moment you leave your house
        • Tools to evaluate your Travel Wellness in all 10 Dimensions, if you have not done it in the Assessment course yet
        • Tools to develop the unshakable travel wellness mindset before, during, and after travel
        • Guide to the 2 states of being to learn that we are never in both states at the same time so that you can keep powerful mindset no matter what you do or travel to

        • FREE BONUSES and so much more!
        • Price: $675, which is just a fraction of its value 

        Go with a glow groups

        ARE YOU READY TO GET AWAY WITH YOUR BESTIES AND LOOK PICTURE PERFECT?! Think you can no longer get away with your family, friends or co-workers while looking and feeling absolutely amazing especially at the most important events in your life like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, family reunions, bachelor parties or even important corporate gatherings? THINK AGAIN!

         Here’s what we’ll cover in the Program:

        • 1.5 – 2-hour group consultation presentation call that is fully tailored for your group.
        • 5 module – fully customized consultation call – during the call, we discuss a health and wellness plan for your traveling group focused on 5 main areas
          • Module 1 Discovery
          • Module 2 Beauty
          • Module 3 Staying healthy
          • Module 4 Nutrition on the go
          • Module 5 Safety on the go
        • Access to a private Facebook community to ask questions, get travel guidance, and learn how to craft your travel wellness plan and so much more!
        • Price: Oh Boy, It is only $350 for the entire group (up to 10 people)!


        HOW TO FIND THE CAREER OF YOUR DREAMS IN HALF THE TIME AND CLIMB THE CORPORATE LADDER FASTER WITOUT HAVING FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES! If the only perk of your career is the paycheck, but you crave career satisfaction… this is the most important message you’ll ever read. Most people measure success by their income and commit to an unfulfilling career. Or they’re too afraid to create change, so they settle in a career they don’t want. Maybe you’re afraid to scour the employment market… Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a cycle of one unfulfilling job to the next – despite your best efforts.

        Here is GOOD news: In many cases, a fresh & simple approach to career hunting is enough to achieve career transformation in record time. AND… It’s possible to find a career that’s the WHOLE package. You don’t have to sacrifice pay for purpose – or vice versa. Here’s why I know that to be true regardless of who you are, where you come from, or your professional experience. Let’s set aside the fact that I’ve personally helped hundreds of professionals climb the corporate ladder to their ideal career. Through that process, one glaring reality became painfully obvious: Traditional career search methods set MOST professionals up to fail. Especially if your definition of success runs deeper than your wallet.

        Grab this book to: 

        • Learn the 10 dimensions of career circle (and how to use to evaluate your current career) (page 11)
        • Identify where your focus typically lands when looking for work (and how to direct it in a way that’ll make your search less stressful) (page 10)
        • 3 strategies & exercises to rise above your competition immediately (so you can have your top choice of career) (page 29)
        • And so much more…

        Intellectual Wellbeing Formula

        We all need to grow, evolve, and expand, including in our careers and everyday life. If you aren’t learning, you’re stagnating. Every trip you take, you have an opportunity to learn something new. Keep challenging yourself and you’ll soon start to see how those efforts pay off. Unlock the keys to career and mental wellness today!

        Here’s what we’ll cover: 

        • Tap into the truth about learning, the cornerstone to retaining knowledge, and why you need to keep stretching your mind
        • Your brain may be fighting you – learn how to work with it!
        • The truth about what it takes to become an expert in your profession
        • How to avoid information overload and burnout
        • What to do when you’ve lost your mojo and need to get over the motivation hump
        • How to hack your time and ensure time/place/people always align
        • The HOPE approach to being of service that always pays dividends long-term

        Unshakable Career Mindset Foundation

        Do you often feel like something’s missing from your life (but you’re not sure what)? Your emotional wellbeing is critical to success in your career and every other aspect of life. This is the key to tapping into your highest potential and finding complete inner peace.

        Here’s what we’ll cover:

        • Uncover your deepest beliefs that have been holding you back and wake up to the 2 states of being that drive all your actions
        • Discover the hidden power of gratitude and decisions
        • Learn the 2 most powerful words in the English language ad how to leverage them
        • The definition of a real problem (why your problem is not actually a problem at all – don’t try to solve bogus issues)
        • The devastating impact of stress on your body and 18 techniques to cope better
        • Introduction to brain health (your mind needs nutrition too!) and the superfoods that will nourish your brain

        Physical Wellbeing Bootcamp

        Physical wellness underpins everything. Taking care of your health is an investment in yourself  – but it’s about more than squeezing in a workout on your lunch break. It’s about a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit, so you can perform at your best in all areas of life. Get the tools and techniques you need to make better decisions, improve cognitive function, and succeed!

        Here’s what we’ll cover:

        • Discover the 13 health numbers you should be paying attention to
        • How to get better sleep and work with your circadian rhythm
        • Eliminate overwhelm with 18 techniques for stress management
        • Why exercise doesn’t work, the 4 categories of physical activities, and what to do instead (any movement counts!)
        • The truth about organic food, how to decipher and decode food labels
        • The Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen rules of thumb that will reduce your exposure to toxic pesticides
        • How to eat according to the color palette and in the right order for optimal digestion

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