As American air travel persists, passengers remain diligent in packing COVID-19 essentials, never short of masks and hand sanitizers.

I was once one of those “falsely prepared” travelers until an eye-opening temperature experience revealed a few critically important, non – traditional items that ALL should pack to ensure a stress -free, uneventful, and healthy trip. Here is this ONE NON-TRADITIONAL item to bring on your trip and why.

There are multiple reasons why our body temperature raises when we are at home or at work. It’s the everyday stress, anxiety, our age, atmosphere or any unforeseen circumstances make our blood raise.

Your level of stress gets even higher when we travel because of the unknown, fear of flying, situation pressures, lost luggage, delayed flight, getting sick and more. If you are able to measure your temperature during travel, your stress level goes down and so is your temperature.

My personal experience thought me that the body thermometer is an essential travel item in the new normal. During my Covid travel, upon my arrival in the US, my body temperature was taken by the airport health inspection agent. To my surprised it was elevated, which was communicated quite loudly and abruptly by the agent. I momentarily turned red, started to sweat, and I thought I had Covid-19. Since there was no privacy around us, just 6 tables next to each other, everybody around me heard the big news. It turned out I wasn’t sick, I was just stressed out with this whole situation and I was sitting by the window. This naturally caused my body temperature increase. So, when I went to collect my luggage, rest assured, there was no one standing next to me.

Ever since this experience, I tell all my clients that body thermometer is one of the key items to bring with them on their trip. So, please don’t forget to pack a body thermometer in your luggage. It will eliminate any unnecessary stressful and embarrassing situations. Especially since, they can be easily avoided!

Travel safe and pack smart!

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