I lived to work. I traveled every week. I was tired, exhausted, dehydrated, and quite frankly – lonely.

I was meeting clients, prospects, and colleagues with a smile, even though I felt like anything but smiling inside. I was bloated, I was constantly gaining and losing weight, and my face was swollen. The more I traveled the more make up I was putting on to cover my dull, acne-prone, irritated skin. And the worse I felt. My confidence was shot.

And the trouble wasn’t just limited to my health and my looks… but also my family. For 10 years, I missed every single mother’s day school performance. I didn’t pay attention to what was going on at home. Not because I didn’t want it know, I was just too tired, too irritated, and too impatient to know. I wanted to be left alone when I got home from every trip. because there was another call to make, another contract to sign, another trip to plan. Everything always hinged on getting that next promotion, which never materialized. I was working myself to death… but still no one was noticing. There was no upside for me whatsoever.

I remember one particular time my daughter came to me and said: Mom, you just missed my Mother’s Day performance and you were the only mom who didn’t show up. My heart sunk. I was in tears, but it didn’t stop me. I kept going, attending events, business meetings, conferences, presentations and other now-seemingly useless work events.

I’ve been riding that “business woman” carousel for years – until the day my daughter broke her elbow under my watch. It was a total disaster. The pain she went through, the limited support I had given her over the holidays, and the hours spent in the emergency room… finally knocked me off the horse.

I said to myself, this is madness.  There must be a better way. There must be another definition of “having it all”. Beauty, energy, productivity, career advancement and most importantly work-life balance, time for my family, my daughter, love and romance… had all escaped me despite my efforts. And that’s when I did it.

I created Finelle. My ideal woman. My definition of having it all. The end-product of finding true balance and success.

Finelle is the busy business woman who has it ALL: beauty, success, productivity, energy, time for love and romance… and she looks AMAZING along the way. Almost effortless. 

Finelle is the super-woman we all imagine who can do it all… travel like a pro, take care of her body and mind both at home and on the go and looks amazing for herself, her coworkers, her clients, bosses, employees and for her significant other. The visualization of this woman is what drives me. 

I no longer live to work. I work so that I can help myself and women like you truly live.

Ever since I adopted this vision of Finelle, I’ve lost 15 pounds, I no longer experience stomach problems when I travel, my skin looks glowy, I’m energized, and I’ve gained thousands of followers who share my story. 

All of the traditional markers of success that I had been after for so long became less important as I realized the meaning of true balance, true beauty, and how to really take care of my mind, body, and spirit WITHOUT giving up travel or business succeess. 

Hi, I’m Edyta Satchell and this is my Finelle story. I can’t wait to hear yours.