How Traveling Consumers Can Triple Your Retail Sales and Build Your Client Loyalty and Advocacy

Are you looking for new ways to boost your profit & double your client retention? The global travel industry is in need of wellness and beauty professionals to help usher in a new era of travel wellness. Travelers are looking for expertise on looking and feeling their best while on the go.

Join Edyta Satchell for the innovative program for estheticians who are seeking new ways to generate more revenue from retail and service sales, boosting their profits, building their client loyalty for life, and:

  • Increase sales on products & services by 300%*
  • Increase client retention by 100%*
  • Implement totally new – mind blowing selling and marketing techniques
  • Learn amazing tactics that WOW your clients and boost your profits

*Results may vary


This is awesome. I’ve learned a lot! These are very much things that we need to know, especially how to bring people back after they were gone traveling. People worry about a lot of things before the trip, getting ready, looking their best. I’ve never thought to retail things for while they are on their trip and get them back again. Edyta has provided so many good tips that I’ve never heard from anybody else before!
  Skyler Paige of Skyler Paige Skin Care, Chicago, IL

I’ve learned so much! It’s key to implement conversations that you are already having with your clients to boost your products and service sales. It’s as simple as that!                                                                  LaShawna Rancher of Shawna Skin Studio, St. Louis, MO

It was really enlightening to take my clients’’ travel information, getting to know them better and using this information to educate my clients especially if they are traveling around the world. Climates are different and I never considered that to be an opportunity for me to sell more. Now, I have all this information and I’m ready to implement.       Chrystina Morter of Gaia Waxing, Dubuque, IA

I loved Edyta’s presentation. It was very helpful, eye opening on how to connect travel with beauty, rejuvenating before, during, and after travel. These are the things that you don’t normally think about when you travel. I’m sure it will help not only me but also other people to grow their business.         Wioletta Seta of 123 Swift Travel, Chicago, IL

“As a salon owner, I’m constantly seeking ways to better support by clients’ beauty needs while also discovering new revenue opportunities in a highly competitive market. Edyta’s groundbreaking approach to connecting the beauty and travel industries has transformed how I do business. Instead of just focusing on their day-to-day needs, I now know what to ask and when to ask my clients about their upcoming travel. Her knowledge has also helped me to confidently approach the travel agency community, further expanding my client base.”

Shinee Bumuutseren

Owner // Shinee Salon

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