The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is showing airlines sales of over $21 BILLION in 2020. 

That sounds like a lot – but it is a 75% decrease from 2019. The good news is that early data is showing that in 2021, people are eager to travel again. They want to vacation to places they missed in 2020. On the business travel side, corporations want to have their business travelers hit the road again as soon as possible so that they can grow sales and continue to build client relationships face to face.

But all of this upheaval and uncertainty have brought about another obstacle that many are finding even more difficult to overcome – anxiety.

But how do you address it? What can you as an individual do to try to calm your fears with trusted information and minimize the anxiety you feel when thinking about traveling?

These 5 tips to are what I follow as a seasoned traveler when I need to minimize stress and have a positive experience before, during, and after my trip.

  • PLAN WELL IN ADVANCE. Some travel companies allow you to book as far out as 24 months, and may even offer you incentives to do so. These options usually offer flexible cancellation and change policies, but always read the fine print and ask plenty of questions before booking. Which leads me to my next tip…
  • ALWAYS BOOK WITH AN EXPERIENCED TRAVEL AGENT. Contrary to popular belief, travel agents are alive, well, and thriving. With the uncertainty swirling around all types of travel, more and more people are booking with a travel agent to have an extra set of eyes on everything and to help navigated complex changes, ever-shifting entry and departure requirements, and more. Having a pro by your side whose only interest is your trip going smoothly may be the most effective way to make you feel more comfortable traveling. 
  • PACK SMART. There are NEW essentials to take with you on a every trip. I always recommend bringing multiple types of face masks with you. It will allow you to change it in the event it becomes dirty or simply uncomfortable. It may get oily and greasy from make-up and food as well. Another MUST have item is a thermometer. It will alleviate a lot of anxiety and stress. You will be able to take your temperature any time, anywhere. If your temperaturebecomes slightly elevated, you can take a cold drink, spray your face with cooling water, or even meditate for a few minutes to de-stress. Bring easy-to-handle, see-thru containers to hold food and other perishable items you want to carry. You don’t want to get nervous going through security, as that will raise your body temperature.
  • TAKE THE TRAVEL INSURANCE. There is new “Sheriff” in town i.e. there are new rules when it comes to buying travel insurance. You should always ask for terms of cancellation in the event of global pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances. You should always carefully review ALL terms and conditions for cancellation, refunds, and exchanges. Travel insurance is a must. Better safe than sorry! 
  • PLAN AND PRACTICE YOUR WELLNESS ROUTINES. Every traveler (every Finelle girl!) should have her beauty and wellness routine defined for travel. It is all about the before, the during, and the after and should encompass beauty, balanced nutrition, and business on the go, so that you can enjoy confidence, productivity, success, relaxation, and look amazing along the way! If you don’t know where to start, just let me know. We will create the right Beauty and Wellness Itinerary for you for your next trip. 

Follow these 5 steps and don’t hesitate to contact me should you need help with any of the tips!

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