Should Americans plan their travel now? Yes, especially since, next Tuesday is National Plan For Vacation Day (Tuesday, January 26, 2021). This day is well-known to employers who are actively trying to encourage their workforce to utilize their paid time off (PTO) and commit to a plan.

It’s sad, well-known fact that American workers take far fewer vacation days than the rest of the world. While most other countries make travel a top priority in their citizens’ lives and a critical component to their well-being, American workers left a record number of vacation days on the table in 2018—768 million days, up 9% from 2017. And this is well before COVID hit.

The good news is that the US Travel Association is predicting a 37% increase in travel spending in 2021. This is showing promising signs of a robust travel recovery and a renewed focus on the importance of rest and relaxation. People are eager to travel again and vacation to places they missed in 2020. And the shift doesn’t stop there.

What does that mean for travelers? It means it really is time to start seriously planning for a vacation. And one that embraces everything we’ve experienced and learned from in one of the most difficult years this country has ever endured. It means inspiring, empowering, and educating your workforce, your colleagues, friends, and family to take a new look at the way we prioritize and plan our vacations. This is the week, of January 26th. So, get ready!
Let me know where are you going on vacation next. Who know, we meet there as all roads lead to the intersections of beauty and travel.

Where Travel Meets Beauty and Where Beauty Meets Travel.

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