It is a well-known, but unfortunate fact that American workers take far fewer vacation days than the rest of the world. While most other countries make time off a top priority and recognize that it is a critical component to their well-being, Americans left a record number of vacation days on the table in 2018 – a whopping 768 million days total – up 9% from 2017. And this is well before COVID hit!

The good news is that the US Travel Association is predicting a 37% increase in travel spending in 2021. This is showing promising signs of a robust travel recovery and a renewed focus on the importance of rest and relaxation. People are eager to travel again and vacation to places they missed in 2020. And the shift doesn’t stop there.

While many people have been able to save money over the last year because they couldn’t travel – it can be said that many more have not. The good news is that there are some tips and tricks you can use to finally take that well-deserved vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

Here are 4 travel hacks to inspire you to take your travel daydreams and turn them into bookable plans you can look forward to. Even on a tight budget.

  1. Using your tax refund wisely makes your dollar stretch further – are you getting a tax refund this year? If so, treat it as your reward and use some (or all!) of it towards your vacation expenses. It is the perfect alternative to saving up for months on end to take that much-needed trip. It’s like the government is saving your money for you and gives you that extra spending boost.
  2. Take a Look at Your Credit Card Travel Benefits – many credit cards, especially the ones linked with popular travel loyalty programs like Marriott’s Bonvoy and others are doubling or even tripling their points. These are opportunities to get more value out of your existing points, and even brand-new benefits you may not know about. That means your cash outlay may be less than you think and you’ll be taking advantage of benefits you’ve earned.
  3. Book Early and Enjoy Flexibility – it’s no secret that hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines and tour companies are suffering. Most, if not all, are completely doing away with or changing the rules when it comes to rebookings, cancellations, or changes. Due to the recent pandemic, travel partners are making it easier than ever to hit that ‘Book Now’ button with relaxed policies and a commitment to helping you make the trip safely and without anxiety. What’s more, many of these travel companies are offering special savings by booking early.
  4. Choose a Worthy Destination – What does that mean? Well, some countries are far more dependent on tourism dollars than others. You can not only invest in you and your family’s well-being, but you can make a stark difference in a local economy by choosing a destination that needs you. Many are going so far as to pay you to come. If you want to look beyond the obvious Caribbean destinations, consider visiting places like Las Vegas, Cyprus, and even Tokyo.

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