Did you know that not all spa salons accept CANCER SURVIVORS? 

– World Cancer Day is on February 4 this year. Feeling and looking your best is one of the most important things for every cancer survivor. If you are a cancer survivor, how can you find a beauty and spa salon when not all of them accept cancer survivors? Here are 3 super quick tips to get ready to enjoy your spa visit like everybody else:

– Find the right salon – call in advance to find out if a spa salon accepts cancer survivors. It’s key to avoid cancellations upon arrival!
– Ask series of questions – what beauty products do they use for cancer survivors? What treatment do they recommend for your type of cancer? It will help you to avoid any skin allergies and ensures the service is right for your cancer type.
– Ask for the intake form – each salon that accepts cancer survivors should have a series of questions related to the cancer type included in their intake form. It will ensure a smooth check-in process.
If you are a cancer survivor or know someone who is, please share these tips with them. We all want to look and feel our very best. Our friends need our help and support. Follow we on social media @edytasatchell so that I can follow you back.