Immerse yourself in a luxury escape designed to educate you on your health, wellness, and beauty needs. Custom-tailored for your unique needs.

Take Finelle® Fabulous to the next level by joining our unique, unforgettable Finelle VIP Tours®. We’re working on a comprehensive schedule full of incredible destinations.

FINELLE VIP TOURS® FOR Leisure Travel Wellness

You’ll spend a week in pure luxury, learning all about how a new approach to your health, wellness, and beauty contributes to your overall sense of well-being and success, in a way that only Finelle VIP Tours® can provide.

From the finest transportation and accommodations to the industry’s most renown experts, these life changing experiences will give you the guidance and empowerment to make real, lasting change.

Travel Like a Pro with Finelle VIP Tours® and Enjoy:

  • Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and Snacks
  • Resources for Improving Nutrition On the Go and At Home
  • Makeup Tutorials with Real Makeup Artists
  • A Comprehensive Overview of Prominent Beauty Brands
  • A Complimentary Collection of Product Samples
  • Opportunities to Win Luxury Beauty Kits
  • Exclusive Shopping Opportunities Designed to Help You Save
  • Develop Meaningful Relationships With Fellow Health and Wellness Focused Travelers
  • In-depth Travel Tips and Takeaways Designed to Keep You Looking and Feeling Your Best
  • And So Much More Awaits Where Beauty Meets Travel®


FINELLE VIP Corporate Team Building Experiences

Now more than ever, teams are united by a shared vision of balance, collective health, and shared accomplishments. But none of that can materialize without a grounding set of guidelines, practices, and beliefs. That’s where Finelle VIP Tours® comes in.

You and your team will spend meaningful time crafting your own unique foundation for health, wellness, beauty, and an unstoppable energy to help you drive toward your corporate goals looking and feeling your best.

Through a custom combination of nutrition, healthy habits that can be game-changers for busy travelers, and so much more. We’ll work closely with you to capture your unique identity and needs to bring your team together and help them develop lasting results that will drive your bottom line farther than you ever thought possible.

We custom-tailor our Finelle VIP Tours® to integrate seamlessly into corporate programs based on key focus areas, corporate goals, and the unique personalities involved. We’ll assess the amount of time spent, frequency of sessions, and attendee requirements to develop the perfect package for you and your team.