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November 17-19, 2021 GBTA Conventions Orlando 2021

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Register to join us May 12, 1pm EST to learn how to successfully eliminate stress and anxiety to nurish your brain for optimal mental health and wellness

Register to join us May 26, 1pm EST and learn how to optimize your diverisifed teams’ productivity, resolve conflict, communicate well and create healthy and fully inclusive corporate culture.

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As we return to the office and begin the process of “getting back to normal”, all of us are faced with a brand-new responsibility we’re carrying into our jobs: workplace wellness.

Explore every dimension of what it takes to plan a safe, healthy event without compromising health and wellness

Wellness is not just about access to the gym. It’s all all about mentla, financial, career, physical, intellectual well-being and more

Edyta was a guest speaker at Regal Wings, Private Jet Company, talking about how travel agents should support luxury clients in the new normal

Learn How to Attract New Corporate Travel Clients By Incorporating Travel Wellness Packages Into Your Offerings

Satchell Global Travel Wellness 101

Are you a frequent traveler? If yes, then you know every travel takes a toll on your body. Learn the latest Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging. Science is Changing the Way We Age!

How to discover opportunities in the advent of Covid-19 to be fully productive, unshakable business leader, anytime, anywhere, always

We help frequent travelers to look and feel beautiful before, during and after travel so that they can feel more empowered, productive, successful on the go.