Who we are

At Finelle, we are committed to spreading the power of Femme through the medium of luxury beauty products! We instill confidence and beauty in our Finelle Femme community by offering  luxury beauty brands at a lower cost than you would find elsewhere

Our Mission

Our singular mission is to provide our Finelle Femme community with a chance to experience luxury brands at a realistic price and on your own terms.

As the beauty industry strives to keep up with our fast-paced retail market, it continues to release beauty products rapidly throughout the year. As new launches mean new promotions, the quality products we have already grown to love are left behind.

The life cycle of a beauty product you love can be considerably shortened by minor packaging changes and small ingredient variations. While brands continue to evolve and release innovative products expediently, it is the products in their maturity that we are losing out on.

This is where Finelle comes in! We partner with luxury beauty brands to bring you the luxury beauty products you want. Finelle has established a contemporary method of shopping so you can Finally Try the beauty products you admire, and Finally Buy the loved items you can no longer get! You can also Finally have it My Way and earn a little something for yourself!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that luxury beauty brands and products should not only be available to the elite few but be available to all who wish to experience them. As we encourage individuality and inclusivity, we want to help every Femme celebrate each new beauty experience. This is why we also created Finelle My Way.

Finally Buy It & Finally Try It

With individuality in mind, we know every Finelle Femme is different. We have created an opportunity for every person to find the luxury beauty products that best suit their individual needs. Whether a certain formula works best for your skin type, or you need a certain lipstick that you can no longer find in stores, Finelle is a place to express your individuality through the medium of creativity through beauty.

Finally My Way

Every Finelle Femme has that certain Je Ne Sais Quoi that should be celebrated in its own unique way. Finelle My Way is an opportunity for you to share your Finelle beauty experience with others while earning a little something for yourself!

Finelle was established to expand the life cycle of luxury beauty products, while also providing all Femmes alike with a community to find the products at a lower cost. We have partnered with a global network of luxury beauty brands to bring you the products you want to Finally Buy, Finally Try, & Finally have it My Way!

Through our site we offer high end makeup products, luxury skin care, and the best beauty tools available. Every Finelle Femme can shop with confidence-knowing they are getting the luxury beauty products they want and deserve!